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Wrongful Death

No amount of money can fill the void one experiences when there is a painful loss. However, families and loved ones may be left with expenses, grief, emotional injuries, and may not be aware of all they are entitled to receive. The law requires those responsible for the wrongful death to compensate the family. If you have suffered such as loss, strong emotions may be involved. Consky & Associates has the experience and sensitivity to deal with such claims. Our lawyers will work with you to wade through the time limits and complications related to claims.

Wrongful Death Claims may involve all types of fatal accidents from simply car accidents to complicated medical malpractice, or product liability cases. Consky & Associates has helped others seek compensation such as lost wages from the deceased, lost companionship, funeral expenses, benefits, pain and suffering, and emotional injury.

Every situation is unique, and our wrongful death lawyers take the time to understand your case. Consky & Associates is well equipped with experienced staff who will support our lawyers with your claim – dedicated to achieving a fair and just settlement for each and every case.

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