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Long Term Disability

Income Security

Most people have short term disability (STD) and long term disability (LTD) benefits available to them through their work or privately held insurance plans. When you suffer injuries or an illness which prevents you from working, these benefits may provide you with income replacement.

Each policy is different, but do require a certain amount of proof before paying. Even if you obtain evidence from your doctor, your claim may still be denied by insurance companies.

Consky & Associates will help you take the appropriate steps to make sure your income is secured and uninterrupted when you are eligible.

Know your Rights

If your long term or short term disability has been denied or terminated, you should immediately obtain a copy of your policy and consult our long term disability attorneys to discuss your rights.

Insurance policies and correspondences can be confusing. However, most insurers have an appeal process – usually within a limited time. Consky & Associates will help you understand:

  • The Definition of Disability – Insurance companies will deny your disability benefit if you are able to perform your job duties and you do not meet the policy’s definition of disability.
  • Objective Evidence – If the insurance company cannot find objective proof of the existence of an illness or injury through diagnostic testing (MRIs, X-Rays, CAT Scans, etc), it may deny your disability claim.
  • Pre-Existing Condition – If your condition existed before becoming insured, your application for disability may be denied.
  • Policy Exclusions – Long-term disability claims will often be denied if the disability is brought on by certain conditions.
  • Eligibility – In some cases you may not be eligible for disability benefits dues to probation periods, employment contacts, or other reasons.

Take Immediate Action

nsurance claims have strict deadlines and processes that must be followed in order to receive your full benefit. You should take immediate action to maximize your benefit, and to ensure that you are being treated fairly.

Call us (416) 754-9962 to speak with our experienced personal injury lawyers who will answer your questions and provide a free case evaluation that will get you the best possible settlement.

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