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Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bike has many rewards including getting exercise, fresh air, and saving on gas. However, many cars and trucks don’t acknowledge your rights and may not stay alert. Accidents are often caused by drivers who:

  • fail to check their mirrors
  • don’t pay attention to cyclists
  • don’t properly stop at lights and streets signs
  • speed
  • was under the influence

As a bicycle rider, you have little protection against heavier vehicles on the road. Your injuries can be quite serious, and could result in permanent injuries as well as loss of income, pain and suffering, wage loss, health care, or other expenses. A bicycle collision victim may be entitled to claim the very same type of compensation as if he or she were a motor vehicle driver. This compensation is normally paid by the at-fault person’s insurer.

Time Limits

Similar to a vehicle collision, there are time limits on when you must notify the at-fault parties that you plan to bring a bicycle accident claim. Each claim is different and have a different set of circumstances. Obtaining a lawyer can help you, assess your case, file your claims, notify at-fault and insurance parties, and represent you should litigation be necessary to settle your claim.

An injured bicyclist may be entitled to compensation, even if the victim contributed to the accident. Contact our bicycle accident lawyers in Toronto to gain an understanding of your rights, and to assess your case.

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